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troops at all. ukraine relies on russia for most of its energy, using most of that natural gas to fuel their industry and heat homes. the fear is that that reliance will be russia's next weapon. russia could punish ukraine by cutting off the gas altogether. >> they are considering it. >> if russia turns off the gas, what would you do? >> we will try to turn the tap it another way. russia cannot the refusing gas -- cannot use gas as a weapon. >> back on independence square they know a thing or two about dealing with the cold. they have been out there for more than three months. they also know about gas shortages. russia has turned off ukraine's gas twice in the last decade. not everyone is convinced that the russians are up for that fight. >> ukrainians and russians? for how long will russia be able to be in this situation? it all goes through ukraine. what will happen? what will happen to their economy? >> night falls. they are celebrating in key avenue. back in their homes, the gas is still flowing. the next front is still an invisible threat. bloomberg, kiev. >> one man who knows how
it do for the future of elon musk's electric car? >> i am by some energy independence. we ought to be using more natural gas. we ought to be using more cng. >> in cars? >> yes. it is very doable. it gets us more efficiency. we become more energy independent. >> if you're in the market for less fuel-efficient way of getting around, just call the army. it is giving away their team thousand armored vehicles left over from iraq and afghanistan. there are mine resistant ambush protected truck built specifically for the challenges of warfare. take a look at who is getting their hands on some very high-powered military surplus. one place that definitely doesn't need any more trucks, beijing. in an effort to manage traffic congestion, the city is limiting the number of new license oness, allowing expiring to bid on them. 1400 request so far for electric cars. this is according to municipal website. either way, that is in a city of 21 million people. beijing even bigger problems. it is probably air pollution. the city has been plagued by thick smog which has reached hazardous levels just
that surged 44%. ofso reporting higher sales energy drinks in the fourth quarter despite the legal attacks that the product causes health risks. investors are pushing into stocks and moving away from bonds. you are looking at treasury yields rising for the first time in four days. you have better economic data. investors not looking for safety. yields had touched a three-week low on the 10-year after the choppy data over the last few weeks and unrest in the ukraine. keene and histom team spoke to the philadelphia fed president and asked what he thinks of the mixed economic data we have been getting recently. >> the data is very noisy right now with the weather and other things. i think we have to be patient. the economy left the end of the year on a good note. i think it is in a position than it has been for a number of years. i'm looking for something close to 3% growth in 2014. that will continue to bring down the unemployment rate and allow the economy to progress. >> relatively optimistic. adam johnson has more on his comments. >> turns out not all banks are created equal. we want to t
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)